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John McCann is a high energy yet low pressure agent. He will use his considerable business and interpersonal skills to help you achieve your real estate goals. John is easy to work with and is an effective communicator who listens well to assure your real estate needs are met. You will find him generous with his time and his clients concerns are his first priority. His passion for real estate rose from years of his own investing and his commercial real estate purchases and sales, on behalf of the companies he worked for over his career.

Neighborhoods on the East Side

Banished from the Massachusetts Bay colony, Roger Williams founded Providence along College Hill in 1636.  The East Side thus includes some of the oldest sections of the city.

The Providence Preservation Society and the Rhode Island Historic Society have preserved various historic buildings throughout the neighborhood, especially in the College Hill area. Historic landmarks include the fourth oldest library in the United States, the Providence Athenaeum.  The First Baptist Church in America, founded by Roger Williams in 1638.  As well as, the John Brown House, the Marine Armory, the Old State House, and H.P. Lovecraft Memorial Square.


Situated in the northeastern corner of Providence, Blackstone is primarily residential neighborhood that remained undeveloped until the late 19th century. The construction of Blackstone Boulevard in 1894 marked the beginning of the neighborhood's transformation, leading to the development of architecturally distinctive single-family homes. Between 1890 and 1923, property values surged along the Boulevard, establishing Blackstone as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Providence. The area's appeal was enhanced by the redesign of Blackstone Boulevard in the early 1900s, which included the creation of Blackstone Boulevard Park, solidifying Blackstone's status as a vibrant and sought-after residential enclave.

College Hill

Regarded as Providence's most affluent neighborhood, College Hill boasts a rich historical legacy. Founded by Roger Williams in 1635, the area was initially inhabited by the indigenous Wampanoag and Narraganset people. By the American Revolution, the foot of College Hill was densely populated, featuring a mix of structures from wharves and warehouses to shops and residential houses. The neighborhood showcases architectural styles spanning the 18th century to the present, with many of the city's oldest structures contributing to its distinctive charm and historical significance. Thayer Street serves as the vibrant commercial hub, particularly popular among students at Brown University.

Fox Point

Fox Point, the southernmost neighborhood in Providence's East Side area, retains a strong connection to its historical roots. Preserving much of its character, the neighborhood features homes dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Originally farmland, Fox Point shifted to maritime affairs with the construction of Providence's first port at India Point in 1680. As the street grid was established, Fox Point seamlessly evolved into a residential neighborhood, blending its historical legacy with contemporary living.


Hope is situated along the northern border of Providence. Although officially recognized as "Hope," the neighborhood is informally known as "Summit," named after the prominent street that runs through its center. Settled in the seventeenth century, the community thrived along North Main Street. Limited development occurred until 1875 when a streetcar line connected the area to downtown Providence, leading to the transformation of large farming lots into subdivisions with single-family homes.

Mount Hope

With its well-defined borders and the central artery of Camp Street, Mount Hope embodies a mix of residential charm and practical infrastructure, making it an integral part of the East Side of Providence. The neighborhood's unique features and historical significance add to the rich tapestry of Providence's diverse communities.


Wayland Square, a historic district named after Francis Wayland, the former president of Brown University, exudes distinctive charm. Initially hindered by a marshy environment near the river, significant development in the area took off in the twentieth century. Today, Wayland Square is a lively hub featuring diverse businesses and restaurants, with the historic Red Bridge crossing the Seekonk River, enhancing the area's historical character.

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